Colorful Korean Feast at Yeonji Restaurant

Professor Oh December 30, 2013 11

In a neighborhood detached from the busier part of the Yongin city sits unassuming restaurants. Exteriors appear bare and camouflage into surrounding snowy mountains. Yeonji Korean Restaurant is one of these eateries.

yeonji front entrance
Above: Entrance to Yeonji Korean Restaurant.

Yeonji offers set courses. The lunch course is ₩15,000 per person and is more than enough food. You get porridge, jellyfish, salad, pancake, japchae, fish, banchan and more (see below for all photos). For an extra ₩3,000 order Course A to add on bossam (steamed pork) and fried octopus. The pricier courses offer additional dishes, however I recommend you grow another stomach first!

yeonji more sidedishes
Above: Only a small handful of many banchan.

The courses are served one to two dishes at a time as opposed to your whole meal placed on the table at once. Because of this serving system, you end up finishing the beginning dishes clean and become full in the first half of your dining experience. When the waitresses didn’t come for awhile, my food buddy and I thought we finally reached the end of our meal. Then came the rainbow of sidedishes, stew, stone bowl of rice and other goodies.

Looks like kelp noodles, but it’s actually a Cold Jellyfish Salad (해파리냉채). Spicy due to the hint of wasabi.

fusion salad
I’ve noticed many Korean restaurants have a tendency of serving iceberg salads. It’s quite sad as this lettuce contains little nutrition. However better to eat iceberg lettuce than a triple fried hot dog. At least the iceberg salad at Yeonji is embellished with a pinch of sprouts.

Perilla Seed Salad
Perilla leaves are an acquired taste. However the Perilla Seed Salad (들깨샐러드) can be enjoyed by many customers. Only a hint of perilla leaves. Not overpowering at all.

Seasoned Raw Fish
The mild to medium spicy Seasoned Raw Fish (회무침).

Rice cake japchae
Many rice cakes I encounter have a tough and chewy texture. Yeonji’s Rice Cake Japchae (떡잡채) has a delightful softness.

fried octopus
The Fried Octopus (낙지볶음) with perilla leaf salad. If the octopus is too spicy, district your taste buds with the herby perilla.

mung bean pancake
The crispy yet bland Mung Bean Pancake (녹두전).

beef patties
The oh-so-juicy Beef Patties. One of my top favorites from Yeonji Restaurant.

yeonji banchan sidedishes
Banchan, banchan, banchan… Never enough banchan. Anchovy and kimchi on the top, eggplant and spinach on the bottom.

They don’t serve too many slices of Bossam (보쌈), but what they give you is enough considering all the other dishes to consume! The garlic chips are a fun concept, though I’d prefer crunching on them while watching a movie rather than pair it with my bossam.

There was also the Seasonal Soup (계절탕), which was made of rice cakes and mushrooms. At the end of the colorful feast, our waitress brought us maesil tea. It’s typical to drink a dessert drink at the end of a hansik meal.

Address: 경기도 용인시 수지구 신봉동 608-7
Phone number: 031-896-5678

yeonji interior
Interior shot of Yeonji.

yeonji road view
Walking by Yeonji on the main road.


  1. Nana February 6, 2014 at 1:16 am - Reply

    that looks really good ;u; i might check it out when i’m in korea in a few months ;;;

    I’ve heard that if you come to korea alone some restaurants won’t give you something to eat because it is too much for one person??!!?! uhmm is it true ?? and if it is true can someone recommend me some good restaurants which sell meals for a single person ??

  2. Gabe Santiago January 2, 2014 at 7:26 am - Reply

    Incidentally Professor, the unicycle insignia from my Twitter account profile is different from the U.S. Marshals’ badge on my Facebook profile section; tale behind both; reason no current image of myself, for now;[to be continued] Nothing nefarious, I assure you; everything above board. Please feel free to rummage about my Facebook timeline. Tale behind that, as well. “Cloak & Dagger” necessary for now. Please make allowances; Thank you [kamsa hamnida]! ;;)

  3. Jose January 1, 2014 at 1:20 pm - Reply

    Good job professor Oh your photos are amazing…..

  4. Jose January 1, 2014 at 1:20 pm - Reply

    Good job professor Oh your photos are amazing…..

  5. Lady G. January 1, 2014 at 6:20 am - Reply

    I am thoroughly convinced for the most part that people in Korea eat like healthy Kings…or Emperors. Such beautiful looking dishes. They really respect food and turn it into works of art.

  6. noah December 31, 2013 at 3:03 am - Reply

    your images are amazing, they look so vibrant and alive. wow!!!!

  7. vicki December 30, 2013 at 11:15 pm - Reply

    Wow! The food is so amazing. Colorful. I wish I was there for the experience. :)

    • vicki December 30, 2013 at 11:25 pm - Reply

      I have a friend who lives in Naju, he tells me about the different foods. Your pictures bring his words to life!

  8. Matthäus Höfner December 30, 2013 at 11:11 pm - Reply

    I am loving these posts whilst you’re in Korea! I am going to Korea next summer as an exchange student so I am getting endless ideas with each post.

    나는 게시물과 동영상을 사랑해요.
    오 교수님 정말 감사합니다!

  9. Gabe Santiago December 30, 2013 at 7:46 pm - Reply

    Great to hear from you again, Professor! I know it has not been long, it seemed longer. I trust all is well; looking out for you; let me know how’s it goin’. ♥ ;;)

  10. Gabe Santiago December 30, 2013 at 7:31 pm - Reply

    Looks fantastic & delicious! Nyum! ♥ If I had to live outside the U.S., South Korea would definitely be my second home! Beautiful country, beautiful people, beautiful culture. Aluum dabbda! {I knew you couldn’t stay away from those beef patties, Professor!} Being a veggie/vegan person is a laudable goal, & I greatly respect that, but flexibility is also the spice of life, Professor! ♥ ;;) ;;) Sarang!

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