KWOW – Korean Word of the Week

Hosted by Professor Oh & Friends. New episode every Wednesday.

Episodes 1-38 and 55-60 are focused on vocabulary and Korean culture.
Episodes 39-55 are a featured segment on MNET’s “Hello Pop!” and star popular Korean words commonly heard in K-POP songs and K-dramas.
Episodes 61 & beyond dig deeper into the Korean culture. From modern to traditional to controversial, we provide insight into our viewers’ highly requested topics.
*Select episodes are paired with a blog post, providing additional insight into the Korean language and culture.

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ep. 61: Meeting Koreans & How to say “Nice to Meet You” in Korean
ep. 62: Blood Types & Personality // Type B are Players?
ep. 63: What Koreans Think About Interracial Dating
ep. 64: Beauty Standards in Korea // How to say “You’re Beautiful” in Korean
ep. 65: What’s Gangnam Style? Who’s Psy? Where’s Gangnam?
ep. 66: Rising Suicide Rates in South Korea. Why? // YOLO in Korean
ep. 67: Korean Family Names // How to say “What’s your name?” in Korean
ANNOUNCEMENT: Professor Oh unveils her alter ego Ramona Champion
ep. 68: Plastic Surgery in Korea: Double Eyelids, Rhinoplasty, Jawlines & Beauty Tourism
ep. 69: Sasaeng Fans & How They Follow K-pop Stars
ep. 70: Do Koreans Celebrate Christmas? // “Merry Christmas” in Korean
ep. 71: Korea’s First Female President: Park Geun-hye

ep. 72: Korea’s Mandatory Military Service
ep. 73: K-Town LA // What to do in Koreatown Los Angeles!
ep. 74: K-POP STAR DIETS! What Korean Celebrities Eat
ep. 75: Religions in Korea
ep. 76: LUNAR NEW YEAR – How Koreans Celebrate
ep. 77: DATING IN KOREA – How Korean Singles Meet
ep. 78: THE KOREAN WON: History of Money
ep. 79:  Homosexuality in South Korea
ep. 80: Do Koreans Eat Dog Meat?

ep. 1: How to say LOVE in Korean
ep. 2: How to say REALLY in Korean
ep. 3: How to say OMG & OH DEAR in Korean
ep. 4: BROTHERS & SISTERS in Korean
ep. 5: How to say HELLO & GOODBYE in Korean
ep. 6: How to say SORRY  in Korean
ep. 7: How to say THANK YOU in Korean
ep. 8: YES & NO in Korean
ep. 9: How to say OKAY in Korean
ep. 10: How to say PRETTY in Korean
ep. 11: How to say PLEASE in Korean
ep. 12: How to say MOM & DAD in Korean
ep. 13: SEASONS & VACATION in Korean
ep. 14: DAYS OF THE WEEK in Korean
ep. 15: NUMBERS (Sino-Korean System) (Tell the Date) (12 months)
ep. 16: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, WHY in Korean
ep. 17: COLORS in Korean (Rainbow edition)
ep. 18: BANG words in Korean
ep. 19: FRUITS in Korean
ep. 20: EMOTIONS in Korean
ep. 21: HAPPY BIRTHDAY in Korean
ep. 22: KIMCHI – Every Korean’s best friend (at least 99% of them)
ep. 23: VEGGIES in Korean
ep. 25: SPORTS in Korean
ep. 26: Korean Sidedishes (BANCHAN)
ep. 27: COUNTRIES in Korean (top 60 requested)
ep. 29: PET ANIMALS in Korean
ep. 31: BODY PARTS in Korean
ep. 32: Meet SEOUL, capital of South Korea (Something for Everyone)
ep. 33: PLACES IN THE CITY in Korean
ep. 34: Visit South Korea (PROVINCE BY PROVINCE)
ep. 35: House Types + Places in the Home
ep. 37: MUSIC & INSTRUMENTS in Korean (with traditional Korean music!)
ep. 38: K-POP, part 1 (YG, SM, JYP Entertainment, their Founders and more!)
ep. 39: What is AEGYO? 애교?
ep. 40: What is DAEBAK? 대박?
ep. 41: What is JJANG? 짱?
ep. 42: What is AJOOMA and AJUSSHI?
ep. 43: How to say Crazy in Korean (Learn a common K-pop word!)
ep. 44: What is MOLLA? (Learn a common K-POP word!)
ep. 45: What’s BABO? 바보? (Learn a common Korean word)
ep. 46: “BEAT IT!” in Korean (꺼져! Gguh jyuh!)
ep. 47: What’s SUNBAE? HOOBAE? (important Korean honor titles)
ep. 48: How to express PAIN in Korean (physical and emotional)
ep. 49: I, MY, ME, MINE (learn Korean pronouns)
ep. 50: You got swag! (Ganji nanda!)
ANNOUNCEMENT: Happy 50th KWOW, Behind the Scenes, and Bloopers!
ep. 51: Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or just Friends? (What’s NAMJA, YUHJA, and CHINGOO?)
ep. 52: How to say “Like” and “Don’t Like” in Korean | LOVERS AND VEGGIES
ep. 53: ALONE & TOGETHER (honja and gatchi)
ep. 54: HAVE & NOT HAVE in Korean
ep. 55: What is GAJIMA and HAJIMA? | All about JIMA!
ep. 56: Korean Food | How to Read the Menu
ep. 57: Ask a Korean out on a date || DATING PHRASES AND WORDS!
ep. 58: Korean BBQ
ep. 59: SCHOOL WORDS in Korean || common school subjects and more!
ep. 60: CLOTHES in Korean || K-drama and Fashion Show Edition!